Student Travel Grants

Apply for a Student Travel Grant to Israel

Deadline: Tuesday, March 15, 2022 [Deadline extended to April 1!]

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The applicant must be a degree-seeking ASU undergraduate and enrolled during Spring term 2022. and enrolled during Spring term 2022. As of S'22, the applicant must have taken at least one class on a topic in JHPS (class in the minor or approved by minor advisor). The Center will also consider applications by ASU graduate students who meet these criteria.
  • Having declared (or – in the case of graduate students – completed) a minor in Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies is not required, but a plus in the selection process.
  • The successful application is required to (a) conduct research in at least two research libraries, archives and/or centers on a project in JHPS in connection with their work at Appalachian State University. Center faculty will help the recipients to make connections to relevant research locations, but will not supervise the research or be present at the sites in question.
  • The successful applicants must work with the Office of International Education and Development (on their travel insurance, etc.) and submit a travel appeal on Veoci ( 
  •  After the successful completion of the research travel, recipients are required to (a) present their findings in a public event organized by the Center on or off campus and (b) submit a short one-page reflection on the travel experience and what the recipient has learned by August 1, 2022.
  • Travel stipend applications must be received by the deadline (Friday, March 4, 2022). Incomplete or late application will not be considered.

Eligible Expenses:

  • Airfare from NC to Israel (Maximum of $1,300)
  • Housing in Israel (Maximum of $200)

How to Apply:

  •  Complete the form below.
  • Provide a resume and an essay statement (300 words) to this application that explains how this work abroad is relevant to Jewish, Holocaust and/or Peace Studies and how it will help you accomplish current research and educational goal and future professional objectives.
  • The successful recipients must submit original receipts and proof of purchase (of the airline ticket and hotel/hostel/dorm accommodation) before receiving any stipend funds.
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For more information, contact the Center at or 828.262.2311. Appointments with Center staff available.