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15th annual martin and doris rosen summer symposium




Appalachian professor awarded prestigious Humboldt Research Fellowship

Dr, Thomas Pegelow KaplanDr. Thomas Pegelow Kaplan, Director of the Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies at Appalachian State University, was awarded a Humboldt Research Fellowship to carry out long-term research in Germany.

Through the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Dr. Pegelow Kaplan was awarded 10,000 euros and will be hosted from mid May to August by the Technische Universität Berlin's (TU Berlin) Center for Research on Antisemitism. The focus of the institution is the interdisciplinary research of anti-Semitism in its various causes, manifestations and effects in the past and present, as well as research and teaching on prejudices and their consequences such as xenophobia, and racism.







Fall 2016 Guest Speakers  

September 25

Christopher Browning

Prof. Christopher R. Browning, Frank Porter Graham Professor Emeritus, UNC Chapel Hill, one of the world's leading Holocaust historians

November 1-2

Guy Miron

Prof. Guy Miron, Open University of Israel/Yad Vashem/Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem

November 14

Prof. Ruth von Bernuth

Prof. Ruth von Bernuth, Associate Professor of German and Head of UNC-Chapel Hill's Carolina Center for Jewish Studies


Annual North Carolina Jewish Studies Consortium Meeting to Be Held at ASU (Sept. 25)

The Consortium's Coordinating Committee is currently preparing for the next annual meeting and would like to invite all Jewish Studies faculty in the state (including their advanced graduate students) to attend the Consortium's annual meeting at ASU in Boone, NC, on Sunday, September 25. The meeting's overall focus will be on the relations between Jewish Studies and Holocaust Studies. Professor emeritus Christopher R. Browning (Tacoma/Chapel Hill) will serve as the keynote speaker.







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