Affiliated Faculty


CJHPS welcomes the contributions of App State faculty as part of the Center's minor. For further information regarding joining the Center affiiliates, please refer to the information below.

laura_ammon_profile_picture_2016_2.pngLaura Ammon

Associate Professor of Religion 

Director, The Watauga Residential College

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

Areas of research: Religion in Colonial Mexico, Colonialism and Religion, Utopia/Dystopia studies, Futurism 


joseph pic

Joseph Bathanti

McFarlane Family Distinguished Professor in Interdisciplinary Education & Writer-in-Residence & North Carolina Poet Laureate (2012-2014)

Watauga Residential College Department of Cultural, Gender, and Global Studies

Areas of Research: Creative Writing, The Poetry of Witness, Prison Literature, Arts & Humanities Initiatives for Military Veterans and their families.



eastmanj_0.jpgJeffrey K. Eastman

Lecturer in Spanish

Areas of Research: Jewish-Muslim-Christian Relations in Spain


GreenwaldSarah Greenwald

Full Professor Department of Mathematics

Areas of Research and Service: Jewish communities pre-WWII.


HankinsDavis Hankins

Assistant Professor Department of Philosophy and Religion

Areas of teaching and research: Ancient Israelite History and Culture; Second Temple Judaism; Ancient Rabbinic Judaism; the history of the use and influence of the Bible in Jewish communities.


HudnallAmy C. Hudnall, M.A.

Senior Lecturer, Department of History and Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (formerly CGG) 

Areas of teaching and research: Genocide studies, trauma theory, human rights, and cross-cultural conflict studies




PattiChris Patti

Assistant Professor Department of Communication

Areas of Research and Teaching: Holocaust Survivor Oral History and Ethnography, Compassionate Communication, Interpersonal and Intercultural Storytelling, Mindfulness.


PowellDana E. Powell

Assistant Professor Department of Anthropology

Areas of Related Teaching and Research: Settler colonialism, genocide, and Native America; critically engaged anthropology; environmental justice; cultural politics of energy extraction; critical indigenous studies.


Laurie SemmesLaurie R. Semmes

Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology Areas of Research and Teaching: Music and Propaganda, the Ukrainian bandura in Ukraine and in Ukrainian diaspora communities, World Music, Western Music History, Music and Exoticism, Musical Theater


Rachel S. ShinnarRachel S. Shinnar

Assistant Chair, Full Professor, Department of Management, Walker College of Business

Areas of Research and Service:  Entrepreneurship, Cross-cultural Management, modern Hebrew instruction



Joe Weiss 

Senior Lecturer of Philosophy Areas of Research and Teaching: Social and Political Philosophy, the Frankfurt School, Classical German Philosophy, Theories of Fascism, Holocaust and Survivor Ethics.

In its February 2016 meeting, the Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) of the Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies (JHP) voted to introduce affiliate faculty status for all ASU faculty members who work with the Center.

Faculty who wish to become members of the JHP faculty are requested to acquaint themselves with the work of the Center ( and send an

  • up-to-date copy of their curriculum vitae that focuses on any research, programming, and service that relates to Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies
  • a cover letter that explains how the faculty member's work supports the mission of the Center ( In addition to references to past and present research, programming, and service, it may also include future plans and projects.

The applying faculty member can make the case for affiliate faculty status by meeting any one of the following criteria:

  • organization of and/or involvement in seminars, institutes, and/or workshops at the local, state, regional, national or international level designed to promote Judaic, Holocaust, Genocide and/or Peace Studies (including, for example, the co-organizing of academic programs that focus on JHP at ASU, participating in the Holocaust Educational Foundation's annual Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization or in Yad Vashem's International Summer Seminar on "Teaching the Shoah and Antisemitism")
  • a graduate degree or significant graduate coursework in Judaic, Holocaust, Genocide and/or Peace Studies or a related field
  • research, performances, exhibitions, and/or publications in Judaic, Holocaust, Genocide and/or Peace Studiesinvolvement in disciplinary-specific and/or interdisciplinary Judaic, Holocaust, Genocide and/or Peace Studies professional organizations at the local, state, regional, national or international level such as the Association for Jewish Studies, the International Association of Genocide Scholars or the NC Council on the Holocaust

Applications are accepted on a year-round basis. The Faculty Advisory Board (FAB) reviews all completed applications in a timely manner and decides on the granting of affiliate faculty status (a minimum of five FAB members, including the Center director, must vote; a simple majority is sufficient).

In order to maintain active JHP faculty status, faculty members should send an up-to-date CV and cover letter addressing the above points every four years.

Please submit applications for appointment and renewal to Thomas Pegelow Kaplan, Director of the Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies at