This section of the site includes information about the College of Art and Sciences' minor in Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies, study abroad and research opportunities directly supported by the Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies.

Next Center-Supported Student Group Research Opportunity in Washington, D.C. (Spring 2020)

In recent years, the Center has proudly supported student research in Holocaust and Peace Studies in Germany, Poland, and Israel. In Spring 2020, we will return to Washington, D.C., for Center-supported research at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the National Archives at College Park. The research will include meetings with senior scholars, Holocaust survivors, and independent research in the vast USHMM archives and library. Students who enroll in JHP/HIS 3154 "The Holocaust: Interpretation, Memory and Representation" will automatically get support and be part of the research endeavor. The entire class evolves around the archival work in DC. There are student presentations at the Museum and back in NC as well as publication options. Except for food, there will be no additional costs for these student researchers.  Supported by the Rosenblatt Family Foundation, Florida.