Appalachian State Hillel is a student-based organization that provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the Jewish faith and culture. While the Hillel membership is primarily comprised of Jewish students, we also welcome non-Jewish students to our organization. We socialize, celebrate Jewish holidays and culture, and act as the Jewish voice on our campus and in the community.

The Temple of the High Country and Hillel maintain close ties and Hillel also frequently works with ASU's Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies.

For more information about events or Hillel, see the club's webpage at hillel.appstate.edu or e-mail hillel.appstate@gmail.com.

Hillel's facebook page:

2016-2017 Hillel Board

Hillel members and Chancellor Sheri N. Everts

President: Marisa Fernandez
Email: fernandezme@appstate.edu

VP Administration: Peri Newman
Email: newmanpe@appstate.edu

Treasurer: Michael Greenstein
Email: greensteinmr@appstate.edu

Engagement/Membership Chair: Emily Boaz
Email: boazea@appstate.edu

Advertising Chair: Audrey Lipschutz
Email: lipschutza@appstate.edu

Religious/Cultural Chair: Jake Kalik
Email: kalikjt@appstate.edu

First Year Representative: Laura Harkleroad
Email: kalikjt@appstate.edu

Event Coordinator(s): Clare James - Fall 2016
Email: jamescs1@appstate.edu

Event Coordinator(s): Zoe Kaplan - Spring 2017
Email: kaplanzs@appstate.edu


Advisor: Skip Rackmill
Email: rackmillsj@appstate.edu

NC Hillel Advisor: Sarah Domont Cohen
Email: scdomont@nchillel.org

NC Hillel Director of Statewide Initiatives
Ginny Vellani