Center Support For Faculty

CFA: College of Arts and Sciences/Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies’ Faculty Development Initiative (Spring/Summer 2020)

In partnership with the College of Arts and Sciences, the Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies (CJHPS) at Appalachian State University has launched its first faculty development initiative and invites ASU faculty members with an interest and/or working in Jewish, Holocaust or Peace Studies to apply. 


This new initiative provides faculty members with assistance, including financial resources, to participate in a range of professional development activities in the fields of Judaic, Holocaust or Peace Studies (JHPS) that will take place in the U.S. or abroad. Based on these activities and enlarged skill sets, the recipients will, subsequently, be expected to be part of the growing number of programs and curricular offerings in JHPS on the campus of Appalachian State and participate in JHPS-related teaching, research, and/or service.


Eligibility is limited to faculty members at Appalachian State University. Tenure-track, as well as non-tenure track faculty from all Appalachian State colleges, may apply. If recipients leave the university before the program or activity is scheduled to take place, the funding will be rescinded. 

Preference will be given to Appalachian State University faculty members who have not received graduate (MA, PhD-level) training in university programs in Judaic, Holocaust and/or Peace Studies. The initiative, however, may also benefit members of the ASU faculty who have been enrolled in JHPS programs as part of their past graduate training.

The funds cover travel and registration. Eligible advancement programs or activities include, but are not limited to

  1. Faculty programs in JHPS such as

    1. Summer Institute for Israeli Studies, Brandeis University (

    2. Uriel Weinreich Summer Program in Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture, Bard College and YIVO Institute (

    3. Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization, Holocaust Education Foundation of Northwestern University (

    4. Tikvah Fellowships for “for exceptional individuals interested in the political, religious, and intellectual future of the Jewish people,” one-year program in New York (

    5. Jack and Anita Hess Faculty Seminars in the Holocaust and the Curt and Else Silberman Faculty Seminars in the Holocaust, US Holocaust Memorial Museum (

    6. Annual Summer Institute for Faculty in Peace Studies, Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, The University of Notre Dame (

  2. Academic conferences (for attendance, session chair, session comment, or paper), including

    1. Biennial Lessons and Legacies Conference sponsored by the Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University

    2. Annual conference of the Association for Jewish Studies (AJS)

    3. International Conference, The International Institute for Holocaust Research, Yad Vashem (for Holocaust Research)

    4. International Conference, The International School for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, Israel (for Holocaust Education)

    5. Triennial Beyond Camps and Forced Labour Conference held in London, England

    6. Annual conference of the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA)

    7. Annual conference of the German Studies Association (GSA)

    8. Annual conference of the International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS)


Applications consist of an on-line form, including a description of the advancement program or activity the applicant wishes to engage in (, and an up-dated CV.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until April 1, 2020. The maximum amount that an applicant is eligible to receive is $ 1,250. 

The Faculty Advisory Board of the Center for Judaic, Holocaust, and Peace Studies will review all applications and make the decision to grant or reject an application based on the criteria spelled out in the CFA. Successful applicants will receive their funds via a CAS transfer to their home department and are required to complete their PD.