M. Lobree, Kindertransport and Child Survivor, '21

Name of Speaker:

Margot Lobree


July 22, 2021


ZOOM, Part of the 19th (Virtual) Martin and Doris Summer Symposium on "Remembering the Shoah,"  which centered on children in the Shoah

This video is a recording of the testimony by Margot Lobree, a child survivor of the Holocaust, who escaped Nazi Germany on a Kindertransport in 1939. Lobree reflects on her early childhood in Frankfurt-Bockenheim and the family's many challenges during the early years of the Nazi dictatorship. She recounts her mother Hedwig's struggles as a single parent after her husband's death in early 1938 and the horror of the November 1938 pogrom that prompted her to explore any option for her and her children to escape Hitler Germany. The speaker's testimony reveals how her mother managed to get the papers for her oldest child Helmut to immigrate to  Palestine, while she was able to send Margot on a Kindertransport to the UK in April 1939. Lobree talks about the journey and subsequent obstacles she faced in the UK. The testimony also reflects on how she managed to emigrate to the U.S. in early 1944 and her first years in New York and California. Center Affiliate Faculty member Dr. Chris Patti, who has done extensive research on compassionate communication, listening, and navigating suffering through ethnographic work with Holocaust survivors, introduces her and asks the first questions.