Mugabo Yves, Rwandan Genocide Survivor, 2015


Name of Speaker:
Mugabo Yves


Appalachian State University

Mugabo Yves, Rwanadan Genocide Survivor
After the Holocaust, survivors and representatives of the international community powerfully intoned a "never again." Yet, genocides became a recurring reality in the post-Cold War worlds. The 1994 genocide in the East African country of Rwanda is but one of too many examples. In roughly three months, the Hutu Power genocidaires slaughtered some 800,000 Tutsis and Hutu moderates. "Repeating the phrase 'never again,'" acting UN Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson stressed in his 2014 remarks to commemorate the Rwandan genocide, "is, in itself, a sign of continued failure."

Mugabo Yves spoke about these mass murders in Rwanda from the perspective of a child survivor. In April 1994, he was seven years old. His Tutsi family lived in the capital Kigali that became one of the key sites of the killings. His mother and many close relatives perished. Yves survived with the help of moderate Hutus.