S. Redlich, Holocaust Child Survivor, '21

Name of Speakers:

Prof. emeritus Shimon Redlich (Modi’in, Israel) in conversation with Prof. G. Finder (UVA)


July 20, 2021


ZOOM, Part of the 19th (Virtual) Martin and Doris Summer Symposium on "Remembering the Shoah,"  which centered on children in the Shoah.

This video is a recording of the testimony by Prof. emeritus Shimon Redlich, a child survivor of the Holocaust. Redlich survived the Holocaust in the German-occupied formerly Polish, now Ukrainian town of Brzezany in hiding with the help a Polish and, subsequently, a Ukrainian family, whose members provided food and shelter. He talks about his family and life in Brzezany before the German invasion, the suffering of family members during German rule, and the struggles to survive in hiding. Prof. G. Finder asks questions and moderates the program.