P. Heberer Rice, USHMM, 2021

Name of Speaker:

Dr. Patricia Heberer Rice


July 19, 2021


ZOOM, Part of the 19th (Virtual) Martin and Doris Summer Symposium on "Remembering the Shoah," which centered on children in the Shoah

This video is a recording of the lecture by Dr. P. Heberer Rice, the Senior Historian at the Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C. Heberer Rice, an internationally recognized Holocaust scholar with especially noteworthy studies of the Nazi state's eugenic policies and euthanasia killings, speaka on "Children in the Nazi State and Party Organizations." Her talk sheds light on how the Nazi movement and subsequently the Hitler state aimed to capture the imagination and loyalty of the gentile German youth. Also discussing nonconformity among young Germans, Dr. Heberer Rice's talk demonstrates that the history of gentile children in the Third Reich was hardly mainly a "story of uniformity," but one of "divergence and contradiction."