M. Berenbaum, American Jewish University, '21

Name of Speaker:

Prof. Michael Berenbaum


July 18, 2021


ZOOM, Part of the 19th (Virtual) Martin and Doris Summer Symposium on "Remembering the Shoah," which centered on children in the Shoah

This video is a recording of the lecture by Prof. Michael Berenbaum, the director of the Sigi Ziering Institute at American Jewish University, Los Angeles. In his presentation entitled "Anti-Judaism and Antisemitism: Long Histories, Present Dangers.," Prof. Berenbaum traced the emergence and manifestations of the hatred of Jews since antiquity, often demonstrating how children figured prominently in ant--Judaic and antisemitic narratives and practices. The speaker also analyzes forms of antisemitism in the Muslim world and as a rising phenomenon amidst the continued growth of right-wing populism in the U.S. and elsehere.