Local Information

Local Information

Adhering to any COVID-19 related restrictions, the in-person workshop panels and the session with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation will be held in Room 421 (4th floor) at Belk Library and Information Commons, ASU's main library, that is located at the center of campus (218 College St.; no. 61 on the parking map below). 

The keynote lecture will take place at the Reich College of Education, which is located next to the library (151 College St.; no. 59 on the parking map below). Please come to Lecture Hall Room 124 (1st floor). There will be signage throughout the two buildings.

ASU Campus Map

·      An interactive campus map (with print map options) can be found here (https://maps.appstate.edu/).

Parking at ASU
·      Parking is available in several parking decks and lots around ASU’s main campus. For a map, see here (https://maps.appstate.edu/_documents/campus-map-11x8.5-aug2018.pdf). When you check in at the hotel, you will also receive a parking pass for the day (Please use it; the school hired more parking officials]. 

The workshop reception and dinner take place off-campus. The restaurant -- Basil's -- is all but a five-minute walk from the hotel. The address is  246 Wilson Drive.