21st Annual Martin and Doris Rosen Symposium

21st Annual Martin and Doris Rosen Symposium

The 21st Annual Martin and Doris Rosen Symposium, supported by the Claims Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, the Martin and Doris Rosen Symposium Endowment, and the local Jewish community, was held July 7-13, 2023, at the Appalachian State University campus in Boone, North Carolina.

The theme of the Symposium was "The Holocaust and Lessons for Today," guided by the quote “The Holocaust is not just Jewish history; it is humanity’s history and we must understand it if we are to prevent it from happening again."

Recorded Presentations

"The Czech Scroll Story: From World War II to the Diaspora" with Lois Roman

"Shanghai Escape & Other Stories: Books about the Holocaust" with Kathy Kacer

"Understandings & Misunderstandings of Antisemitism" with Michael Berenbaum

Meet Holocaust Survivors Margot Lobree & Lynda Moss

"Word Smugglers: A Story of Resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto" with Amy McDonald

"The Holocaust & Children's Literature; What Books to Read & How to Pick Them" with Kathy Kacer

"They Fought Back" with Sheryl Ochayon

"Roots of Resistance: A Jewish Uprising in Ukraine" with Anne Parsons

"I Danced for the Angel of Death: The Dr. Edith Eva Story" Documentary Screening + Q&A with Rabbi Judith Schindler & Judy La Pietra

Concluding Presentation with Amy Hudnall & Lee Holder